The Sapphocan eBooks by Paul Wolfle

Posted in eBook short story with tags , , on August 15, 2011 by Paul J Wolfle

“Trilogy of the Sapphocans,” a series of three eBook short stories, chronicles the shock and horror inflicted by a cannibalistic cult of supernatural women who lived within a contemporary suburban community of Long Island’s north shore during the 1970s. Though a story bound tale, this version was inspired by real life events that involved a trio of fiendish blood thirsty relatives.

Current eBook titles within the Sapphocan trilogy include “Secrets of the Sapphocans,” “More Secrets of the Sapphocans” and “Sapphocans Revealed.” Collectively, these works suggest evil creatures, which hungered after fresh flesh, existed as a group of wraith like hermaphrodites with diabolical degrees of the devil’s own temper. How else would you describe unpleasant beings who craved raw dripping meat from any masculine carcass they could sink their teeth into.

The same cannibalistic sorority that carried out wicked, late night animal eviscerations under cloak of darkness also calls to mind growing up in suburbia. But remember, the Sapphocan Trilogy is not meant to be a political statement or an indictment of any person, place or thing; it is merely a single individual’s fictionalized memoir that encompasses specific people and events.

Details of the little known Sapphocan legend are spelled out in this trilogy of fear. Perhaps after reading these stories you will be compelled to look inside the heart and mind of a Sapphocan but watch out – you just might recognize someone you already know and love.

Trilogy of the Sapphocans is available in a variety of eBook formats on Smashwords.